The River

March 28th, 2011

I seen an advertisement on the train for a place called The River.  The River is “non-denominational Christian church in downtown Manhattan that is seeking to be…spiritually powerful, biblically thoughtful and culturally relevant.”  This Church is actually attempting to serve the needs of the actual Church individuals and the brand of spirituality that I recently discussed in my paper about Oprah.  They offer testimonies, classes, community service projects, and emphasis the “life in all its fullness“ through God.  There are classes actually offered for you to be able to “openly” ask questions about spirituality.  The Church started in 2004 and one of the most interesting factors is that the church staff is extremely diverse.  There are three pastors, one an Asian male, another a White male, and another who is an Asian women.  Each offer a different aspect with the lead, associate and pastor of kids and family.  Like any other Church you can volunteer to assist with hospitality, be teachers, assist with set up, and provide visual support.  They offer community groups in Brooklyn and Manhattan, where you can discuss and grow in spirituality,like other Church organizations. 

Do I think this idea will work in the long run? I actually do and I applaud those who created this new type of church because they are combining both aspects of actual religion and spirituality to help others grow closer to God.  I appreciate that the main goal is to grow closer through your faith and they work with you to understand.  Their statement of Faith includes the Apostles Creed and they  do something called the “40 days of Faith”,where they fast and pray for Lent.  There is a User’s Manual to help you understand exactly what the “40 days of Faith” are.  It gives you guidelines on how to set religious oriented goals, pray, and fast.  You can also listen to the service online and email any of the leaders of the church, in any program.

Listen to the river:


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